God’s Light in my Darkness

Encouragement from author and podcaster, Thekla Wright

Posted by Nancy Lee on January 14, 2022

“ . . . that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:19 (ESV)

My recent darkness came in the form of a fever, chills, and achiness. On the second day, I took an at-home Covid test. Negative. Symptoms worsened, and on the third day, I dragged myself to convenient care. High fevers, fatigue, and a constant headache continued as I waited for test results.

Despite my physical ailment which worked hard to crush my spirit, I was okay. I had just read Thekla Wright’s book, Contrast: Stop Yelling in the Dark and Turn on the Light; The True Story of God’s Light in my Darkness. 

I had an idea of what was happening. God was using my illness to set up contrast in my life. He was contrasting the darkness of my illness to the light of His presence and love.

After a week, the PA called back with my test results. I tested negative for Covid, Flu-A, and Flu-B, but I continued to battle high fevers, so my doctor ordered extensive lab work. I was finally diagnosed with anaplasmosis, a tick-borne illness. A two-week antibiotic regime left me feeling back to normal, but with a renewed outlook.

Soon after I recovered, I had my family over for a traditional Sunday dinner, one of my favorite events that I have missed since my children moved out.

I threw a pork roast in the crockpot and made pulled pork. My daughter suggested we make lentil soup, so we chopped, chatted, and stirred together as I relished every moment.

After dinner, we hung out in the living room as my husband pulled out his new guitar to show us, and then we watched re-runs of shows we used to watch together when the kids were living at home.

I was feeling so blessed that night that I could barely sleep.

The following Thursday, we went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving for a cherished gathering of three generations. No one can pull off a holiday meal the way my mother-in-law does. But it was about so much more than the food.

My dear sister-in-law showed up with her headscarf, a smile, and her great sense of humor. We were all worried that she would be too sick to come since she had chemo just two days before.

We all clung to every word as my brother-in-law shared the details about his recent rescue from his home when he was overtaken by carbon monoxide.

Family. Laughter. Togetherness. So much Light and Love and Blessing.

Let me share more about Thekla Wright, whose book encouraged me through my illness. I became acquainted with Thekla through an online writing group.

Thekla lives in Snellville, GA, with her husband of seventeen years and her three children ranging in age from three to seven. She is a busy mom, but she takes every chance she can to share God’s grace and love with others.

As a young woman, Thekla went through several periods of darkness, from divorce to losing her firstborn child, to infertility and miscarriages. 

Through these experiences, God taught Thekla the concept of contrast. “It is like looking at a full moon at night,” she explained to me in a recent phone conversation. “You can’t fully appreciate the brightness and beauty of the moon without contrasting it to the backdrop of the dark night sky.”

“In the same way,” she continued, “How can we really see the joy in our lives without the sorrow?”

During Thekla’s period of heartache and brokenness, she developed a warped view of who God is. “I began thinking, ‘If God is in control, why did he allow this to happen? Can He really be trusted?’”

Though Thekla continued attending church and going through the motions, she had started believing the lies of the enemy and was harboring bitterness against Jesus. But God never gave up on Thekla. Through a long, arduous process, he revealed her errors to her and brought her back to Himself.

“After unraveling my morbid misunderstanding about what I thought God was, I could see myself change as I was reconnecting with him. I was beginning to become teachable, formable, moldable, and approachable. I had been the one running; He was the one chasing after me!” (Wright, 151-152)

Soon after Thekla’s transformation, God answered the cry of her heart. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, and within the next few years, two sons.

When Thekla first felt God telling her to write a book, she said, “No way; I can’t write a book!” Thekla had grown up with a learning disability and carried a lot of baggage of insecurity. But God made it clear that He wanted her to share what He had done in her life.

Thekla’s book, Contrast: Stop Yelling in the Dark and Turn on the Light; The True Story of God’s Light in my Darkness was published in 2020.

“Glory to God for getting the book done!” Thekla said, “It was a daunting idea for me to do, but I did it out of obedience because I love God, and I love His people who are hurting . . .”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Thekla’s book. She writes in a casual, comfortable style which makes you feel like you are sitting with an old friend over a cup of coffee. 

With humility and boldness, she shares the painful events in her life hoping to help you, the reader, through your dark times. Her personal stories are intertwined with Bible stories as Thekla shares the lessons God taught her.

Publishing her first book was just the beginning for Thekla. In 2021, Thekla published another book--a devotional for women, Little Things Matter: Those little things make a big difference.

Thekla also has a podcast, Thek-talks podcast and the Thekla Wright show. I have listened to her podcasts, and I have been blessed by the inspiration she shares.

In addition, Thekla has created a line of apparel with Christian messages and graphics.

Thekla hopes that her books and podcasts will bless many. “I truly want people to turn around and open their eyes spiritually and to come back to the One who created them, and that is Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit. He wants a relationship with His people.” 

Thekla has donated three of her books to bless the readers of InspirationalLee. As a thank you to all my email subscribers, I will automatically enter you into the drawing for one of her books. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can sign up at the end of this page. I will enter you into the drawing a second time if you respond to this post on my contact page, through email (whateverislovelee@gmail.com), or through my Facebook page, or if you share my post. Drawing will be held January 21.

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Citation from  Contrast: Stop Yelling in the Dark and Turn on the Light; The True Story of God’s Light in my Darkness by Thekla Wright, 2020.